Over the years, my wife and I have used various brewing methods and bought different devices and gizmos, but invariably, we have come back to a classic French press when we’re at home. It’s a staple in the list of coffee brewing methods, patented in 1929 by Italian inventor Attilio Calimani. Howard Schultz, founder and CEO of Starbucks, in a April 2012 Bloomberg Magazine interview, said, "… the absolute best way to brew coffee at home is with a French press…" Use a French press as Mr. Schultz describes, and "you'll have the best cup of coffee known to mankind!"

We agree. It’s a method of brewing that requires of us something more than a pod and a button. It asks us to invest a few minutes so we can savor a few moments. Like the fragrance of fresh flowers or the taste of a rare wine, the French press takes what easily could be mundane and yields a delectable treasure. Brewing coffee with a French press is a romance… a coffee love affair. 

The French Press Coffee Company was born with the single purpose of refreshing and refining the French press experience.

Begun in 2014, Mark & Lynnette Wrigglesworth simply brought their experience and professional skills to this coffee brewing staple. Mark has a degree in Architecture and design and years of experience in manufacturing. Lynnette brings her background teaching art and journalism. Both bring their love for great coffee, brewed simply and inexpensively.

The journey begins with a line of high quality porcelain products, unique to us. 

Located in Buffalo, NY and working with a team of contributors and suppliers around the world, our goal is to continually introduce fresh ideas around the French press method of brewing. Soon we'll introduce a line of coffee specifically curated and packaged for convenient use in a French press.

The French press... simple, convenient, quick, and low cost; a proven method for enjoying the best coffee at home!